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Site audits are intended to provide you an understanding of your current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. A complete site review results in a list of goals and resources to remedy weaknesses and capitalize on your opportunities.

Our technical site audit will give you an in-depth health check of your current web presence, bringing to light any deficiencies and opportunities. Our audit helps create a blueprint for your ongoing SEO tactical plan to ensure you maximize your web presences discoverability. We also look at the technical infrastructure of your website, your site’s on-page elements and off-page presence to optimize you web presence’s search engine visibility, usability and conversions.


Brands That Trust DRM Digital

The site audit goes beyond the superficial free audits out there. This audit is performed manually by the DRM digital’s team of digital experts using soft-eye techniques to identify any issues or opportunities for improved SEO success. The audit also includes the use of our exclusive site crawler to do a full crawl of all the data on your site. This data is then analyzed by our SEO experts to pick out and assess patterns within your website database.

Our audit is also a comprehensive inspection of your website through the eyes of the search engines. We analyze how well your site is targeting potential customers, and we identify what needs to be done to generate more organic traffic for your site (and more online revenue for your company).

The audit is an essential component of every SEO strategy because it demystifies your site’s performance in the search engines. Once your site has been evaluated, you’ll know why your site ranks where it does, and more importantly, you’ll know how to improve those rankings and generate more revenue.

Our seo audit includes:


We will quality check to make sure your analytics are properly implemented.

People Focused

Every audit is easy to understand, and focused on serving the needs of your customers.

Code Best Practice

  • On page code
  • Image use
  • Internal linking
  • Semantic mark-up
  • Written content
  • URL naming
  • Titles

Assess off-site competition

Knowing your competitors weakness will provide gaps in the market where your business can gain territory easily. Knowing their strengths will allow you to build an intelligent strategy moving forward.

Social media insights

Influence your customers where they like to hang out.


Server Files

  • Htaccess Files
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt
  • Site speed
  • Content delivery
  • Redirects
  • 404 handling