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Features include:

  • Detailed performance audit report
  • Minify Javascript
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify HTML
  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Enable Compression
  • Optimize Images
  • Review active plugins
  • Defer parsing of Javascript
  • Combine CSS and JS Files

Your data is protected to the highest standards.


Frequently Asked Questions

If Your Question Is Not Answered Below, Please Contact Us With Your Query

How do I check your website speed?

The below two tools will tell you how fast or slow your website is.
GT Metrix
Web Page Test

Do you do Site Speed Optmization for WordPress MultiSite (WPMU)?

We do not do site speed optimization for WPMU. The WPMU platform does not enable us to completely optimize the website, mainly because performance plug-ins get easily broken by the multi-user environment. Currently, we can offer site speed optimization for stand-alone WordPress websites only.

Do you guarantee improvement in the site’s performance?

Although we can generally improve the speed, we cannot guarantee an improvement. When clients come to us with site performance problems such as a very slow website (more than 10 seconds to load), the reason is more than likely a poorly configured web server. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed with plug-ins or performance tweaks. If we cannot improve your website speed. We will fully refund your payment.